Whatever it ends up being called, Android Q is the latest upcoming software update for Google’s mobile OS, and even though it seems like Pie was just released yesterday, Q will be here before you know it.
A week after the release of the Android Q Beta 2 for Pixel devices, Google has just released a patch that it says “includes a small number of bug fixes for developers and early adopters.”
Specifically, the move to Scoped Storage in Android Q was causing certain apps to crash due to issues with execute-only memory. Google says it’s modified the Android Q behavior change to only apply to apps built specifically for Android Q or higher.

April 5, 2019 Android Q now supports something similar to the iPhone’s 3D Touch

Android Q Beta 2 has only been out for a couple of days, but that hasn’t stopped exciting nuggets of info here and there from being discovered.

Spotted by the eagle eyes over at 9 to 5 Google, the Motion Event documentation for Android, which contains information for touch input, has been updated to support something called “deep press.”
Typically with Android releases, Google launches a developer preview for its next Android version in March, followed up with a public beta that anyone can join in May when it hosts its annual Google I/O conference.
This year, Google decided to do things a little differently by pushing its first developer preview and public beta on the same day on March 13, 2019. On April 3, Beta 2 was released with some bug fixes and new features.
You can sign up for the beta on the Android Beta Program website for your Pixel, Pixel 2, or Pixel 3 device. After logging into your account and choosing the device you want to enroll in the beta, you’ll receive an over-the-air update on your phone to download and install Android Q.
Here are the top 5 features
Like we expect with every new Android version, Android Q is chock-full of all sorts of new features. We’ll likely be introduced to even more as beta updates are released throughout the year leading up to the final release, but even right now with Beta 1, there’s a lot to unpack.
  • Big changes coming to permissions
  • An improved share menu
  • Built-in screen recording is finally a thing
  • Better support for foldable phones
  • A system-wide dark mode might be happening New theming options



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