Just look around. Staying connected with our lives runs right through our smartphones.
 They’re always at hand which means they’re always at risk for potentially damaging drops. Plus, these devices are getting thinner and their surfaces larger, with many featuring glass backs, as well. The rules have changed. 

To solve for this, Corning scientists engineered tougher and more durable Corning ®Gorilla ®  Glass 6. Subjected to a new and rigorous test methodology in our labs, on average, Gorilla Glass 6 survived 15 consecutive drops from 1 meter onto rough surfaces and is up to 2x better than Gorilla ®Glass 5. 

Under the same test conditions, competitive glass compositions didn’t even survive the first drop. Gorilla Glass 6 also survives at higher heights than Gorilla Glass 5.

All good reasons to better ensure you’ll stay connected today, and all the days to come, with a device featuring tough, durable Corning Gorilla Glass 6.

How Strong It Is:

With our previous generation, Gorilla Glass 5, we were showing drop survivability up to 1.6 meters, so basically selfie height, and 80 percent of the time in our testing the devices would survive on to rough surfaces like concrete or asphalt. With Gorilla Glass 6, we were able to raise that height even higher, but you would get kind of diminishing returns because not all of us are basketball players dropping phones from way up there.
So we actually started doing consumer surveys. What we found when we did a global survey is that most people drop their phone on average about seven times a year and about half the time they’re dropping it from one meter high.
So with Gorilla Glass 6, we wanted our teams to look at how we could address this particular problem which we’ve all encountered, which is dropping our phones multiple times or repetitive times. With Gorilla Glass 6, in our testing, we’ve shown it passing or surviving 1-meter drops, on average, 15 times. Compared to Gorilla Glass 5, our 1-meter performance is about 2x better. Most competitive glasses would actually fail the first time you drop it on a rough surface from 1 meter. So we feel like we’ve, again, kind of raised the performance of the glass, and specifically addressed the customer issue that we hear, which is drop performance in our phones.

Crack Resistance:

Yes its very better crack resistance from the previous version.If you were to bend the glass rod you would create this tensile stress on the surface of the glass. It’s that tension that’s going to basically separate the glass and propagate the cracks, and then eventually break.

 So what we do with Gorilla is, we actually put a counterforce in there called compressive stress. It’s actually keeping the surface under compression and acts like an armor that’s fighting against that tension you get when you drop your phone. With Gorilla Glass 6, we were actually able to put 40 percent more compressors stress into the glass surface.

Best Smartphones with Gorilla Glass 6 Protection:

Phone name Price (In Rupees) Score (Out of 100)
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 117,900 98
OnePlus 6T 37,999 90
Xiaomi Mi 9 36,990* 79
Sony Xperia 1 76,990* 81
Oppo F9 Pro 20,899 77
Oppo R17 Pro 45,990 83
Oppo R17 34,990 78
Oppo F9 16,990 76
Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 12,999 79

These are the smartphones which currently come with Gorilla Glass 6 Protection. We can expect a lot of upcoming flagships to boast this new Glass in the future. As and when a new phone pops up with this new certification, we will update the list.


If you buy a phone then check the display feature does it have a gorilla glass then it will a worth smartphone and also it has a 6 versions now the final version is the gorilla glass 6. So check the specification and pick your smartphone.



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