The Samsung Galaxy S20 leaks are starting to ramp up and after the images, we now have the official S20 wallpapers and video wallpapers that you can download and adorn on your device right now…

While we have a little bit longer to wait for the devices to get an official unveiling, you can download all of the exclusive Galaxy S20 wallpapers and give yourself a taste of the upcoming flagship without having to spend a penny or wait until release.

All of the new designs build upon the themes that Samsung has been adopting over the past few years, sticking with vibrant color combinations but adding some low-poly flower petals and high-resolution bubbles. XDA-Developers has managed to get the full-resolution copies of all of the new designs far ahead of February 11.

Each static wallpaper measures in at 3200 by 3200 pixels, and look good on almost every display we’ve tried them on. Having that 1:1 aspect ratio means that these wallpapers should resize well on just about any device. Obviously, the darker designs do help hide display notches that bit better than the lighter tones, however, the purple and light-blue are my own personal favorites when used on my own device.

As for the video wallpapers, the flower petals change color in a cycle, while the darker bubble wallpaper moves and flows in a cycle but is perfect for those who worry about battery life on an AMOLED display. You can check out all of the samples below, or grab the full-resolution copies and video wallpapers from our servers down below.

Let us know your own personal favorite Samsung Galaxy S20 wallpaper down in the comments section below.


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