Since the Dark Mode for Facebook on iOS is under development project with under beta, it is not available for the public or the beta testers yet.

Facebook now recently introduced ‘Dark Mode’ in its desktop version but in the beta mode. Although there is no official word on introducing to the new look on its Android and iOS apps, folks at WABetainfo website have found hints of ‘Dark Mode’ in the Facebook’s iOS app this time. It has been mentioned that since this feature is under development project, it is not available for public or beta testers right now. We have also seen a glimpse of Facebook working on the Dark Mode for its Android app there before.

The Dark Mode for Facebook on the iOS is said that to be similar to that of the Android version,and its now only based on the same Gray colour. The feature when officially rolled out to all the users, can be enabled from from ourself. We can activate it from the drop down list on the top right corner, Settings > Dark Mode. Inside the tab you will see the ‘On’ and ‘Off’ buttons along with the third option that will adjust the Dark Mode as per the device’s system setting

When it has been enabled, the Dark Mode will automatically change the look of the Facebook app, switching the current White background on comments, News feed and Pages to the Dark Gray.

However, in the screenshots share by the beta program website, some bugs can be seen. For instance, the profile picture is still seen in a White background. But overall, the firm seems to have achieved Dark Grey Mode in 90% of the elements inside the app.

There is no word on when the Dark Mode will hit Facebook’s iOS app currently.

It is worth to adding that Facebook Dark Mode on the desktop first is also under beta and some elements still don’t support the new look completely.


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