Hello guys, we make password encrypted systems to providing all of Premium accounts because of the security issues.

For the security issues we can’t post the logins on WhatsApp group/website , so we just made a account with propaste and publishing our logins for our people’s.

What is unlock password :

We are posting the logins with password encrypted paste. Because if we dosen’t add passwords and every guys can get the accounts easily and we just providing logins for our WhatsApp group members only.
So if you guys joined on my whatsapp group and you can get the Unlock passwords.
WhatsApp group member then only you can unlock it, we give unlock password for our group members only.

Steps to follow :

Step-1 : Go to the given link with chrome browser (don’t use UC Browser).Just open the particular page (ex:Hotstar premium logins).

Step-2 : Now click the Click here Icon on the page (Logins headings section).

Step-3 : Now you can entered in the propaste page and click the unlock.

Step-4 : Now it will ask you to enter the password to unlock. (We post on our whatsapp group).

Step-5 : After unlock you can see the logins now press the copy icon.

Step-6 : See Then paste it on your any note pad or any message box. (It will copy all bunch of logins).

Our whatsapp group links :

Women’s don’t join WhatsApp group just open the WhatsApp group link and see my number and text me, Males must join our group only. (We don’t going to misuse numbers) because we have lot of clients.

Currently Running Groups :

  1. Research Insider – 1 = Full
  2. Research Insider – 2 = Click here 
  3. Research Insider – 3 =  My real guys

Rules :

  1. Don’t make messages to admin. (IF anyone do Instant remove from our group)
  2. We can’t make replies to everyone so you can make request from the request form only (link available on group description)
  3. Don’t change account passwords, if you do anything else original owner will change the password and we are not responsible.
  4. Wait until we give accounts (every two days once we update logins don’t worry)
  5. We will make response everyone requests, (Only from request forms)
Note : If anyone breaks this rules will definitely remove from our groups without any warning.


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