PUBG Mobile usually tests any new features it intends to add to the game by rolling them out in beta first like the zombie mode that was eventually released as a limited time mode on the official game. Staying true to the tradition, PUBG Mobile’s next beta update version 0.12.0 is out and here is the lowdown on what new items and gameplay changes the update has brought. This Update will be comes to playstore from 12th september.but this date not yet be confirmed.

It looks like squads in PUBG Mobile will soon get a brand new way to traverse the landscape. According to a video posted by Mr. Ghost Gaming, players will soon be able to fly a helicopter in-game. As per the video, the new vehicle will spawn in a helipad located on top of the School. Entire squads of players will be able to board the vehicle with one player acting as the pilot and the rest doubling up as gunners. The helicopter itself is based on the Boeing AH-6 light helicopter.

The addition of a helicopter should add a dose of verticality to the gameplay, considering that almost all of the gameplay is held on terra firma. Other additions suggested in the video include homing missile launchers, grenade launchers as well as an RPG that fires non-homing missiles. There is new equipment added in the form of a pair of binoculars, which can be used to all in an artillery strike on a location. Another new addition is the vehicle repair kit, which (as the name suggests) lets users repair vehicles.

It should be noted that these new additions are not yet a part of PUBG Mobile Beta, so it is possible that they have been added to the Timi version of PUBG Mobile in China. To recall, there are two versions of PUBG Mobile in China, one is developed by Lightspeed and Quantum Studios, and is available globally. The other is developed by Timi and is only available in China. However, there are helicopters in the lobby in PUBG Beta, but there is nothing players can do to interact with them yet.

The addition of helicopters and heavy weapons may hint at an increased focus on vehicular combat. It should be noted that the PC version of the game got a new vehicle in Update 30, which was released in June. The new vehicle is the BRDM-2, an amphibious armoured assault vehicle. It features not weapons of its own, but offers high durability against gunfire and can travel on land and water. It does not spawn naturally in-game and players have to call it in by firing a flare when they are out of the safe zone.




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