Are you a music lover and idea to the watch your favorite songs fills your heart with the have fun? But, your irregular schedule doesn’t allow you to enjoy them? Then, you need to and get into the world of the live streaming with Amazon music that comes inclusive with other amazing Amazon prime features. Now unlimited streaming options available with Amazon music subscription and other streaming service provider like Gaana Premium Account is ready to serve entertainment on your palm.

What is Prime Music Account?

From being the best e-commerce website to starting an online streaming business, Amazon has crossed million of the satisfied subscriber and users. And all of its success credit goes to the exclusive benefits, Amazon prime premium account delivers to its the members. It is a paid service offering various advantages to the prime subscribers as well as.

With the Amazon Prime membership, you get access to various pro benefits like prime music, prime video, prime pantry, Amazon Alexa prime deal and etc. & all these advantages of Amazon prime will make you wonder how to get Amazon Prime for totally free.

3 basic Amazon Prime plans to the subscribers:

  • Annual subscription: The Amazon prime package allows users to pay once a year for a subscription. So, if you choose to be charged annually Amazon Prime membership fee is about $99.
  • Monthly subscription: If you can’t pay in lumps and wanted to break it in a monthly The package allows you to pay $10.99 For Monthly memberships.
  • Prime video: It is a special Amazon Prime package designed for prime Video/music membership costs $8.99 per month.

Rules/Method :

  • Copy the email and password from here
  • Paste the logins to your mobile app / browser
  • Don’t enter the settings section or billing sections or any other sections
  • Even don’t enter the profile sections , because of the owner easily find the illegal activities so he will change password anytime.
  • So just watch your programs and don’t logout until pack end…
  • If you understand then use the given login.
Prime Music Username and Password
Username : [email protected]
Password : admin0010
Package : Amazon Music Only
Subscription Date : 13 Oct, 2019 - 12 Nov, 2019
Renewal :No
Billing : CDN $ 14.99/month
Note: Admin Direct Help
If u don't change any password or anything else owner will never find anything.
If you changed unfortunately then try universal method see here below.
If it works enjoy .. wont work comment below or contact me via Fb/insta/email
Universal Method :🔥
  • It will works 101%
  • Carefully switch on your Device
  • Go to your preferred site or app
  • Fill in all the info other than credit card
  • Silently go to you father’s room and take his card out of his wallet.
  • Fill the CC info you got and escape from your home.


  • If anyone login was failed then comment below immediately we will solve your issue or contact me by email @ EMAIL
  • Anyone want amazon prime for order products contact me…
  • All these accounts works only for a month and every month we post a new username and password just come here copy and paste your app and enjoy.
  • If it works make a comment below


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