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You Know why Are you getting excited for new royal pass season 10? New skins, dancing emojis, New crates, Exiting Elite Missions. Since the New Season (Elite pass Season 10) is going to release soon ,You want to know how to get free UC for buying royal pass. Don’t worry Use this guide to get elite Royal pass for cheap price.


    Before taking you to the process of getting royal pass in pubg mobile for free Let me tell you the real price of UC in India. There are two types of Elite Royal Pass available with 600 UC for Elite and 1800 UC for Elite Plus . By Using this trick you can buy any of them .In this trick we are going to use google play Offer to buy 60 UC for Just Rs 4 (Real cost ₹79) using our google account so, you need at least 10 gmail account. That means every google account has a 75 r.s for purchase amount.

    Note: We are not sure that this method work in every mail. Don’t worry! You won’t get banned for following this method. It’s just a simple trick not affect your PUBG profile.

    • Some of mail id only reduce 20r.s . Skip those mails.
    • At least 2 month old emails only eligible to reduce 75₹.

    Requirements :

    • 10 Gmail account (at least 2 month old) for Elite pass {600 UC}
    • 30 Gmail account (at least 2 month old ) for Elite pass plus {1800 UC}
    • Net Banking or a sim of idea(for idea billing), airtel(for airtel billing) or vodafone(for vodafone billing) – (for paying Rs 40)
    • Debit/Credit not recommended

    STEPS :

    1. Open setting – system apps – clear data of play store first.
    2. Go to Pubg and click on UC then select first option 60 UC @ 79 rupees (and now you will redirected for the payment)
    3. Now there is three options at debit card or credit card and add net banking or redeem gift card then click add netbanking , now it will ask for your address now fill any address And a 10 digit phone number. (No problem use your  own)
    4. Now select your bank for net banking and proceed , then there is a final option for buy.
    5. Now the main step don’t buy just click back button one time only one time.
    6. Now a message will SHOW wow congratulations you are eligible for 75 rupees discount then don’t back or don’t click on no thanks just continue. And pay rupees 4 only from any one of above the payment method.(i’m using only netbanking)
    7. Go to settings and remove your Google account by which you purchased. And clear all data of Play Store. (Follow Step 1)
    8. Then login via another id in Play Store and do again the same process .

    Only old gmail ids are working. Clear pubg cache files after every purchase (not clear data).

    Proff :

    I was purchased by using this method on Aug 16 2019 only. i was attached the email receipt down below.


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