What is y.exe doing on my computer?

“This Trojan allows attackers to access your computer from remote locations, stealing passwords, Internet banking and personal data. ” This process is a security risk and should be removed from your system. Please see additional details regarding this process.
Non-system processes like y.exe originate from software you installed on your system. Since most applications store data on your hard disk and in your system’s registry, it is likely that your computer has suffered fragmentation and accumulated invalid entries which can affect your PC’s performance.

In Windows Task Manager, you can see what CPU, memory, disk and network utilization is causing the w32.small Virus process. To access the Task Manager, hold down the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys at the same time. These three buttons are located on the far left of your keyboard.


The y.exe is an executable file on your computer’s hard drive. This file contains machine code. If you start the software w32.small Virus on your PC, the commands contained in y.exe will be executed on your PC. For this purpose, the file is loaded into the main memory (RAM) and runs there as a w32.small Virus process (also called a task).

Is y.exe harmful?

y.exe trojan

Warning! y.exe is considered to be a dangerous process and should be removed. Running issues with this process can increase the risk of malware infection if bugs are present. Scan your system with an anti-malware software to identify unused processes and services that can be safely removed. The y.exe was found in the  folderC:\Windows\System32\services.

Can I stop or remove y.exe?

y.exe is most likely a virus or Trojan, in which case it should be stopped or removed immediately. We recommend you use an anti-virus software to identify and remove dangerous w32.small Virus processes.

Is y.exe CPU intensive?

This process is not considered CPU intensive.

However, running too many processes on your system may affect your PC’s performance. To reduce system overload, you can use the Microsoft System Configuration Utility (MSConfig) or the Windows Task Manager to manually find and disable processes that launch upon start-up.


Use the Windows Resource Monitor to find out which processes and applications write/read the most on the hard drive, send the most data to the Internet, or use the most memory. To access the Resource Monitor, press the key combination Windows key + R and then enter ‘resmon’.


Why is y.exe giving me errors?

Most y related issues are usually related to problems encountered by the w32.small Virus malware that runs it. The safest way to stop these errors is to uninstall the application or remove it using an anti-virus software.


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