The Galaxy Note 9 is the first Samsung phone to offer official support for 512GB microSD cards. However, the company didn’t have a 512GB card of its own to offer alongside the phone when it went on sale around the world. But Samsung did confirm that it would release a 512GB card at some point, and it is now listed officially on the company’s website in Germany.

Samsung’s 512GB microSD card is part of its EVO Plus range of cards. It’s a class 10 card that can reach read and write speeds of 100 MB/s and 90 MB/s respectively and can store up to 24 hours of 4K videos and 150,300 pictures. And it comes at a premium, as expected. Samsung Germany has it listed for €289.99 ($330), which is nearly the price   of the mid-range Galaxy A7 . It’s also nearly triple the price of a 256GB EVO Plus card, so buying a 512GB Galaxy Note 9 would be a more affordable affair. And the price isn’t likely to drop anytime soon, although it should become cheaper in a few years as demand for higher storage capacities continues to rise.

As per the listing, the read and write speeds of the EVO Plus microSD card are up to 100MBps and 90MBps, respectively. Samsung claims that a 3GB video in 4K resolution will be able to get transferred in just 38 seconds. The capacity is claimed to be equal to 78 hours of full-HD videos or 1,50,300 images. However, the fine print says the storage capacity is actually 93.1 percent of the designated capacity. Notably, there is an SD adapter in the package and you can avail a 10-year warranty on the microSD card.

Wireless Charger Pad :

Coming to the wireless charger, Samsung has listed a new Wireless Charger Pad with model code EP-P1100BBEGWW on Samsung’s website. As per a report in, Samsung’s new Wireless Charger Pad will be its cheapest yet. It comes with a price tag of EUR 34.99 (roughly Rs. 2,900). In comparison, Samsung’s Wireless Charger Duo costs $119.99 (roughly Rs. 8,300). Notably, Samsung is yet to reveal the launch date of the wireless charger. As per the listing, the wireless charger will support 10W wireless charging at 5V and 2A and 15W wired charging with 9V and 1.67A.

Samsung isn’t taking orders for the card just yet and doesn’t have a release date mentioned on its website. It’s also unclear just how many markets the 512GB card will launch in. Of course, you could always opt for 512GB cards from other manufacturers if you need all that storage on your phone right away.



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