7USB is stands of Universal Serial Bus, It was developed during the 1990s in order to make the connections between the computer and peripheral devices easier, Nowadays most people are speaking about micro USB types and USB type C in this article we will take a look at two types of USB and what is the difference between Micro USB VS USB type C. USB became so popular because of the compatibility with many operating systems and platforms and also because it is easy to use, Most of the computers that manufactured today had been built with many USB ports. Peripheral devices that are using USB port like smartphones, cameras, printers, MP3 players, GPS devices..etc.

What are the types of USB?

There are many types of USB we will speak about the most popular types and they are A, B, and type C and each one of type A,B there are two types: mini USB type A, B, and micro USB type A, B, and there is another type called micro USB 3.0. We will speak about micro USB vs USB type C and what is the advantages for all of them.

Micro USB type A:

This type is one of the most common types, It allowed the manufacturers to produce slimmer devices. It can be found in many devices like mobile phones, cameras. This connector contains five pins inside as you can see in the picture above. this type appeared frequently in many Android devices.

what are the features of this type?

  1. slimness feature allowed companies to produce slimmer devices.
  2. This type is not interchangeable it means that you can’t use the USB type unless the device that had connected is matching the connection type of the connector.
  3. This type supports OTG(On The Go) feature that gives the permissions to smartphone devices to read other devices like flash memories and hard drives.


it supports the high-speed rate of transferring about 480 Mbps, It provides 500mA.  In terms of speed, there is a second edition of this type called micro USB 3.0 type A it has extra 5 pins to support the speed. This edition support speed about 5Gbps it is super speed data transfer, It provides 900mA, This type can be recognized either from the blue color inside or from the “ss” logo that written in the face as you can see in the picture down below.

This type is sensitive it means you should be careful while using it in order not to make any damage to the pins.

Micro USB type B:

Type B is similar to the previous one, It had been manufactured to make the new devices slimmer with the ability to connect to the computers and hubs. It also holds 5 pins and supports OTG(on the go) feature

is the speed the same to type A?

the speed is same, As well as type A this type support high-speed data transfer (5 Gbps) with the edition of USB 3.0 type B it is also with 5 pins extra and it accepts the micro B type connector.

what is the main difference from type A?

There is a small difference in the shape of the connectors as you can see in the picture. It is not a rectangular shape.

USB type C:

Now we will speak about the newest USB connector that has been found in 2014. This USB type is the new generation of USB. you can see this type of USB in most new Samsung’s mobile devices. we can notice that many laptops produced today with Type C USB ports. In USB type C the numbers of pin increased up to 24 pins.

what are the features of USB type C?

  1. High power flow.
  2. Allowing fast charge for your mobile.
  3. It can be used on both host ports and devices.
  4. Reversible designed(No need for wondering if you are inserting the cable in the right direction).
  5. Although it has 24 pins still slim.
  6. supporting various types of data like the video(HDMI), audio(many microphones).
  7. still slim although there is 24 pin inside.
  8. power delivery (you can charge a laptop within the type C USB port)

So what about the speed and power?

It is more speed then others mentioned types of USB, it’s super-speed it can transmit data up to 10 Gbps(Double of USB 3.0) with PD(power delivery) up to 20V, 5A(100W) to support the fast charging and variety data transferring.

 Micro USB VS USB type C which one will win?

we can make a small comparison between micro USB and type C and then we will


Micro USB types more slimmers than type C.


of course, type C is faster than micro USB types.


Micro USB chipper than type C.


Type C winning here of course with providing high power.


type C is reversible so its easier to use than micro types.


USB type C is faster than micro USB in terms of charge.

for sure people would like to choose the most flexible, Easier, Faster, Even if it is a little bit expensive, but still there are many features in type C put it at the top.


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