Unfortunately for millions of new subscribers from all over the world, there won’t be any complimentary service from Netflix anymore, although the streaming giant said that subscribers who already started with their free trials will still be able to continue with the service.

In India they stopped 30 days free trails from 2 days before, and they will soon to ends other countries free trails too. Proff attached below.

Previously, Netflix offered its new subscribers a month’s worth of free access to their services and content, but the company is axing that complimentary period now. For new customers signing up for Netflix, they will now be charged immediately, depending on the contract they have chosen.

A spokesman from Netflix said that they are looking towards creating other marketing promotions, especially in the UK area, to help attract new subscribers to their service and give them an excellent experience with Netflix.

New members will be able to sign up with other marketing promotions in Netflix in the future, but for now, there’s no complimentary 30-day free Netflix anymore.

Before this move, the streaming behemoth met with strong issues earlier this month after former Netflix subscribers reported that their deactivated accounts were reopened without their consent, and charging their credit cards for Netflix services without them knowing.

Reports have also surfaced that lifetime subscription for Netflix is being sold online.

This hack was mostly made possible by hackers as Netflix stores subscription details, which includes the billion information, until ten months after account deactivation. According to Netflix, it is so that past customers can easily re-subscribe to their service if they wish.

However, it wasn’t so great for those ex Netflix subscribers who had their accounts charged for a service without them knowing.

To this, Netflix has already made a statement that the security and safety of the accounts of their subscribers are on top of their priority and that they are already working to improve their service.



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