OnePlus is undertaking a new after-sales service initiative. The company will now offer doorstep pockup service and repair for customers in inside the India. So if you have a problem with your OnePlus device, then you can now have a company engineer visit your house and fix your device for you.

In a press release shared with Our blog team, the company notes that it ran a six month pilot for its doorstep repair service before making it into official. It is now available across Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune now.

Moving forward, The OnePlus’ doorstep care service will be expanded to all tier-1 and several tier-2 cities in the India.

How to apply for OnePlus doorstep service in India?

To get your OnePlus device fixed at home, you will need to apply for the service using the OnePlus Care app or make a phone call complaint as the toll free number. Here, you can choose a convenient time slot for a OnePlus engineer to visit your address.

In addition to doorstep repairs and service, OnePlus is also provides the free pick-up and drop-off service for their OnePlus devices.

OnePlus says it’s the only global brand to offer an on-site doorstep repair service like an HP doorstep repair service. However, brands like Xiaomi and Realme also offer a similar service in India too. But they might not repair your device at your house, but both brands have a pick-up and drop-off facility for service and repair the devices.

The advantages of getting your phone serviced in front of you are pretty obviously and You can get to see exactly what you’re being charged for. So you can also be assured that your data is protected and not being misused or copied or parts changed. What remains to be seen is how well OnePlus maintains its doorstep service standards and if they’ll actually repair phones at home instead of deferring them to a service centers as well.


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