TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) will begin the mass-producing 5 nm chips by April of this year, joining Samsung in the category.

Both also have the plans to the 3 nm semiconductors too, which we will hopefully see in prototypes by 2021.
The thriving 7 nm will become more mainstream in the next two years of mobile generation, as its cost will surely to be drop.

TSMC is making a big step forward by announcing that to begin the mass-producing of 5 nm chips. Reportedly, the first chips of this kind will starts the production lines of the successful chip maker by this April 2020, unless the dramatic situation with the Covid-19 that has placed the whole world on pause changes to did something. The chips will be made using the ultraviolet lithography process technology and will be the penultimate optimization step of the 7LPP tech.

Samsung, also like many other smartphone brands, has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic that has claimed to the lives of over the 1 Million people across the globe at the time while i was writing this.

COVID-19 has already forced the Samsung to shut down its stores,markets and close the smartphone factories, and it according to a new report, the pandemic has now forced the Korean conglomerate to postpone the mass production of 3nm chips to 2021, and it was the big loss for their industries.

Samsung had initially planned to begin the mass production of 3nm chips by the year of 2021, but since the company couldn’t complete the scheduled installation of equipments of the required for the production lines due to the COVID-19.

Samsung is competing with the Taiwan’s TSMC to manufacture and sell the 3nm chips to the Samsung, and with the Korean giant’s plans pushed it back to the end of 2021 or 2022 years, it remains to be seens that who will be the first to bring the 3nm chips to the market.


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