World’s biggest social media network that have 10Million daily active users and over 5+ Billion downloads from worldwide, Now WhatsApp has limited the forwarding of the frequent forwarded messages to one chat a time in attempts to curb the spread of Covid-19 misinformation in Worldwide. Messages that are frequently forwarded are highlighted by the WhatsApp with a label.

What are ‘frequently forwarded messages’?

If any message that you has been forwarded more than five times on WhatsApp is labelled as a ‘frequently forwarded message’. You will see the label on top of the message when you receive it.
WhatsApp started marking labeling messages as forwarded or frequently forwarded to stop misinformation from the spreading on the WhatsApp. And its misinformation has ugly trysts in the past with not just the wrong information and political propaganda, but the things had been reached a peak with mob lynchings being it incited due to the messages being forwarded on WhatsApp frequently.

WhatsApp has now also lets you know if a message is a forwarded or not by mentioning that as a label as well.

If you receive a message that is labeled as forwarded or frequently forwarded, the once you should verifi the authenticity of the information before share to anyone.

At same time like this, WhatsApp is full of fake remedies fhat will be cure Covid-19 and wrong information about the virus, the disease, symptoms and precautions one must take to prevent it. Those wrong information could taking someone’s life to end up.

Does that mean you can’t forward any message?

No. You can forward other messages to five people at a time. But not these frequently forwarded ones. If any message has already had been forwarded five times and you happen to receive the message after that, spot the label as well.

What does this new rule on WhatsApp mean?

In the new WhatsApp rule for forwarding messages that will not let you forward a ‘frequently forwarded’ message to more than one other person. Earlier, you could forward a ‘frequently forwarded message’ to five other peoples.


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