In January 2021 Tesla made its entry in India and registered as a company in Bengaluru.

Due to high import rates and dismal infrastructure for electric vehicles is making Tesla difficult to enter the Indian automobile market.

The Model-3 car which is least expensive costs 55 lakhs but after adding 60 percent import taxes the car becomes very expensive.

In India per capita income is 5.61akhs which is very less, so an average indian can’t afford a car which is 20x his annual income.

Tesla is having leve12.5.3 auto drive chips which means acceleration, breaking, steering is automatic but in India due to improper regulation of traffic rules and poor roads Tesla’s auto drive cars fail.

Due to lack of battery charging stations in India impels buyers to not to buy Tesla electric vehicles. There are only 250 public charging stations in India. Which are really less.

The company had even accepted orders from some Indian citizens.


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