Top 10 Space Research Agencies in the World

10. National Center for Space Studies (France)

Formed: 1961
Annual Budget: $2.43 billion

The French Space Agency represents France in ESA (European Space Agency) and its headquarters are located in the Paris and is on under the supervision of the Defense Ministry of the France government. When the French space agency was established and its main focus was to train astronauts for the space programs for the ESA but the French space agency now mainly focuses on the Defense, Science and Technology, Research and Sustainable Development Of the Resources. The Agency is targeting and plans to bring down the cost of space programs by a developing reusable rockets that could be a powered by methane fuels. For reusable space rockets are the French Space Agency are currently working with the Germany.

9. Italian Space Agency

Formed: 1988
Annual Budget: $1.8 billion

In the Italian Space Agencies are launched its first satellite ‘San Marco 1’, on the year of December 15, 1964. This Agency has launched many satellites after the year of 1964 but its the first major satellite BeppoSAX was launched in the year of1996 to examine the universe more clearly. After that the Agencies are never saw back and grew rapidly and worked on a many International space programs like XMM-Newton and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and the Venus Express and many more like this. One of its major Multi-purpose Logistics of the Module of Cargo is currently used for the transferring and storing instruments from Unit and to the ISS.

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8. German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Formed: 1969
Annual Budget: $2.55 billion

The German\’s Aerospace Center was nowadays focusing on the power generation with the low carbon dioxide emissions and developing the solar powered technologies. The Space organisation are usually plans to it\’s space programs on the behalf of the German Federal Government. Since its establishment has been launched some of the famous space programs like a Galileo (Global Navigation Satellite System), Mars Express and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission are so far. The Space organisation also works on the environmental safety, transportation of safety, to saving the natural resources and more.

7. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

Formed: 1993
Annual Budget: $2.03 billion

The Japan is not a famous only for its technology but it also for its space programs ever. The JAXA is deeply involved in the asteroid exploration and the Moon Research Missions. Its also develops the advanced satellites for the other Space Agencies of different countries in the entire world. JAXA is nowadays to working on a some international space missions with Nasa like a Global Precipitation Measurement Core satellite, Tropical Rainforest Measures and the Aqua Earth Observations Satellite. Communication of technologies is one of the major focuses of the space agency, currently they are collaborated with the Sony to study a Laser Communication System.

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6. Space X

Formed: 2002
Annual Budget: $1.61 billion

The Space X is a private space organisation started by the world\’s richest man Elon Musk. It became the World’s first private space agency to successfully launch the private satellites in Earth’s Orbit. It is hard to compete with the Government Space Agencies but the Elon Musk’s and his team are determination to helped them achieve many of the milestones. Space X is became the first Space Agency to be develop reusable rockets for the future Space Missions. Space X developed reusable rockets are used to transport equipments and astronauts in ISS and the Space. The agency is currently working on the Mars Mission programs to send humans on Mars by the year of 2026 and make humans multiplanetary.

5. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

Formed: 1969
Annual Budget: $1.5 billion

The Indian Space Research Organisation are focuses only on planetary exploration. The Agencies are works on the both of the National and International Space missions. In its starting the years no space agency supported it and the ISRO launched its first satellite through a village coconut tree. But there is the agency made many world records like it became the world\’s first country to send the satellite to the Mars Orbit in its very first attempt for the cost of just 75 Million USD. It is the very cheapest space mission of all the time ever. In the year of 2017, ISRO has launched 104 satellites in one go, using the PSLV-C37 into the Space and it made the world record. The agency was focuses on the cost efficient space programs and it was developing day by day.

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4. Russian Federal Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS)

Formed: 1992
Annual Budget: $3.27 billion

The Russian space agency is one of the most famous space agency in the world to compare other agencies. The ROSCOSMOS are doesn’t focus on the special research like planetary exploration, communication and transportation. It is the main hub for all space programs. The ROSCOSMOS was a separated from the the agency of former Soviet Space Agency. ROSCOSMOS was mainly works with the joint with NASA, European Space Agency and the ISRO. And it is nowadays working on the Mars Missions and to find the evidence of the life on Mars and it make humans base on the Mars.

3. European Space Agency (ESA)

Formed: 1975
Annual Budget: $7 billion

The European Space Agency are consists of 22 member states and it\’s Space Agencies. The Agency are gets the benefit of the different space agencies instead of the single space agency and can work on with the multi space programs at a single time. European Space Agencies are focuses on the moons and planets in our solar system mainly.

In the year of 2004 Cassini has reached Saturn and it since than sending data about the Saturn and its moon mission. The agency has some pre planned of Space programs for the Jupiter and the Mercury and it is also to planning to explore the Galaxies and understand the Dark Matter that is to become continuously expanding our Universe.

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2. China National Space Administration (CNSA)

Formed: 1993
Annual Budget: $11 billion

The China National Space Agency  are doesn’t work on the international space programs with the different space agencies. And it is the only space agency that has not involved in the ISS and it was own small Space Station in the Space. This space agency are carries most of the space programs are privately and doesn’t work with the different agencies of the world. CNSA are sent 11 astronauts in the space since the year of 2003.

1. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Formed: 1958
Annual Budget: $20.7 billion

The NASA is the oldest and the most successful space agency in the world. NASA is an the independent space agency and it not controlled by any of the department of the USA and it directly reports to the U.S. President only. NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope are played a major role in the planetary exploration and asteroid research and the universe exploration.

In the most of the successful space missions are led by the NASA worldwide. And,it also own the space station of ISS. NASA became the first space agency that has to be launch the Galileo spacecraft to the Jupiter in the year of 1995 and it studied the Giant Planet of the our solar system. NASA has been launched the two most successful space missions of Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 and it was reached Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptun and the Interstellar of the Space.

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