The Government was announced exams then every time around 20 lakh of people apply for the government Jobs in this only10 lakh of people go to prelims and out of that Only 5% Get into Mains.

In this 10% of that 5% are called for interviewing then only 500-1000 people gets the jobs out of 20 lakh’s of people.

That means your have the chances to getting the job is Not even 1% , It’s just 0.05% Only. But if you are talented and you can easily make your place on it.

And Government always making opportunities for youngsters and always increasing the job vacancies also but the heavy competition makes chances to get the job harder.

This is Not Just Only UPSC, Even for Railways Job 2.40 crore candidates are applies for the 1.41akh vacancies. Not to forget, those numbers are just Before Pandemic Examinations.

In the year of 2021 Government almost hired 30% less people to job than the year before according to Report.

The central government are hired almost 1.2 lakh people’s on to permanent rolls in the FY20, but the numbers are dropped to 87,423 in the FY21. Similarly, the states are hired 3.9 lakh people’s in theFY21, but it drop of almost 107,000 from the year before.

According to the salary of the person who becomes an IAS or IPS for ₹56,000 is an average for Few years. That means to become a millionaire if you were at the first part of the 0.05% it will take you to 97 years.

In comparison of your chances is becoming a millionaire (net worth is over 10 crore) is: That the odds of becoming a millionaire is the around 6.4% to 22.3% according to the federal reserve board survey of the consumer finances.

From this study doesn’t mean You should not prepare for the govt Jobs. If you’re much passionate on government jobs then you should do it, Hard works are never fails if you’re really talented and eligible then you have a 100% chances to get the job.


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