Guys, recently there are many new channels started on Telegram/Instagram/facebook , which focuses on Carding, they make you believe that they are real Carders and can hack Amazon, Flipkart & other such Billion dollars organisation with their smartphones/laptops😂

Then they will say that they can get you Expensive stuff like iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S10 etc at just ₹10000 or below. You will have to pay half in advance so that they can buy CC to use it for carding.

When you pay them the half amount they will go to Amazon, Filpkart website & make the purchase of the item that you require on your address. When it come the page of Payment they will just provide any fake number of credit card which are available on internet & other fake details & proceed to pay.

Now because it takes some time to verify details, Amazon will book the product & mark as Preparing to Dispatch. So they will take this screenshot and send you saying they have done their work and your product will arrive in 4-5 days, now you will have to pay the remaining half. If you don’t they say they will cancel the order and will never work with you again.

Because you have seen the screenshot of Amazon, you will believe them and pay them the other half & wait for your product.

But in real, within 30 minutes Amazon will cancel the order because their system has confirmed that payment has not been made yet. Now because they ordered it from their email you won’t get this notification of order cancellation.

After 7 days when your product don’t arrive you will message them, they say that their job is done..some might ask to wait for more time just for fun & then they all will BLOCK you.

All Carders are Fake :

In my nearly 2 years of research I have learnt by observing that most (all) channels/person who claims to make you money instantly, by any schemes, Forex-Binary Trading, Paytm hack..etc…They all are scammers only.

Use Mobiles for Movies, Music, Comics, Games, connect with people, and many other things But never use it to become rich overnight or getting expensive stuff at low prices. They all will scam you.

Do forward this message in chats where you can so others can avoid them. Let’s end this motherfucking carders/scammers.

Reason’s of why cardings are fake :

  • Just think about one thing, if you are the carder and you can buy a smartphone from online for low price with fake cc then do give that mobile for very very cheap price?
  • The answer is no, if i was a carder and i will purchase a smartphone from market and i will sell the mobile for original/or little bit lesser only. Not for too much less.

Stay Safe, Don’t get cheated;And Keep similing always…


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