WhatsApp dark mode is one feature users can’t wait for this. WhatsApp continues to work on it with the latest update showing more improvements.

WhatsApp was busy testing multiple new features in the last few months. It’s been quite some time since we heard of a new WhatsApp feature. The messaging app has now been spotted working on dark mode, a feature that has been highly awaited by users and everyone. WhatsApp is continuing to work on improvements for dark mode.

As we noted by WA Beta info, WhatsApp beta for Android 2.20.8 update shows some slight changes to dark mode. This new update indicates that WhatsApp is still working on dark mode which is almost ready for release. But there’s no release date for this feature as yet. Also unlike other features, dark mode isn’t visible to public beta users on the WhatsApp.

Beta Update- Official from WA

In this beta update, dark mode on WhatsApp has two new changes. Here, the text colour for WhatsApp dark mode is highlighted in the yellow. This will however be different for WhatsApp chats with businesses. When users chat with businesses on WhatsApp, the text will be highlighted in green colour.

There have been multiple WhatsApp beta updates on dark giving us an idea on what to we expect. WhatsApp dark mode will be available in three options. There are original light theme, dark theme and ‘Set by Battery Saver’. Original light theme will be a lighter shade of the dark theme, while the second will be the default dark mode. The third one will enable WhatsApp dark mode according to the phone’s Battery Saver settings. So whenever the Battery Saver is turned on, dark mode will be enabled on WhatsApp as well.

WhatsApp is yet to introduce dark mode for users. It appears that the feature is still not completely refined for a stable release.

So if they release the dark mode then this update will get first of only beta users. As we get the dark mode we will publish on our blog. Thank you.


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