WhatsApp had rolled out the view once feature for iOS and Android users after a series of leaks and speculations. The view once feature automatically deletes a picture or video after the recipient has opened it.

About the view once feature, WhatsApp said that it wants to give users more control over their privacy. The best bit about the feature is that it does not save the media to the recipient’s photo gallery.

Now that the feature has been rolled out, we would you to know how you can use it to send images and videos to your friends using View Once media.

How to send View Once pictures and videos on WhatsApp

  • First thing is update WhatsApp to the latest version from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • After updating the app, you can open any chat window and select an image or video, you will see a small circle on the dialogue box with 1 written inside it.

WhatsApp view once

  • Tapping on the 1 circle enables the View Once media.
  • When you tap on it, the media will be sent as circle Photo or Video.
  • After you have sent the view once media, select the message and swipe right.
  • When you swipe right, a new window will show you whether that message has been opened or seen by the recipient.
  • The feature works on the group as well. Send the media using the above-mentioned steps.
  • Now after sending you can select the message and swipe right to see which of the group members have seen or opened the media.

Notably, if you do not open the message for 14 days, the media remains on the chatbox for those many days. However, after the completion of 14 days, the media will expire automatically.

WhatsApp has said that the view once media is protected by end-to-end encryption so even WhatsApp cannot see them as is the case with the personal messages.


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